Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sunny Days aren't Far Away

Today's outfit is all about the sun! Where i am it's a cold rainy day out, and i can't stop thinking about how in three weeks i'll be in sunny cuba! This outfit is based on this elegant black romper from Forever XXI for $29.80.

 The shoes for thsi outfit are Roxy sandals with a black braided strap for $25.60. These sandals add some casual beachyness to the otherwise somewhat formal romper.

 Next is the sun hat from Roxy for $28.00! No one wants to get a burnt face or have to rub oily sunscreen on it!

 To make this outfit not just any beachgoing outfit, we add this gold necklace with cream beads on it for a bit of flair! $9.80 from Forever XXI

 And lastly, to add some colour, is this pink tote from Forever XXI for 29.80. Colour is always necessary for the beach.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Black and White: Outfit after the runway trend

 Today's outift honors the early spring runway trend of black and white. The main piece is this black shift dress from Forever XXI for 23.80

 The clutch is from Aldo Accessories for $30.00. It incorperates a bit of leather and a bit of bling to this otherwise formal look.
 The next item is black over the knee socks from Forever XXI. I think long socks with a short dress is just adorable, as they add some cute girlyness to any outfit, and these are only $4.80.

 For shoes, we have these black short heeled leather boots from Suzy Sheir for $40.00, The tie in the front makes this look alittle more casual.

 For your wrist, and as the only piece of jewellery for this outfit, we have a double braid wraparound watch from Wet Seal for $22.50. It's such a nice piece it needed to be the singular piece of jewelery. If you remember anything from this, remember that Wet Seal knows how to make watches.
 The last accessory is this white belt from Wet Seal for $7.50. It should wrap around the waist of the dress to give it alittle shape.

Runway Trends of Spring 2013

The first big runway trend this spring is the peekaboo dress. This is any dress with a cut out in a strategic area. This spring they were mostly midriff cutouts. This has been a red carpet trend for awhile. Below is a picture of Blake Lively sporting a black cutout.

This next trend, is, in my opinion, the most likely to reach the everyday woman. It is the shorts suit. I find these absolutely adorable and somehow professional at the same time. I personally can't wait to get myself one of these.

 The third big runway trend is the bold brights. This is a traditional spring trend, but this year it went farther. I like that alot of the desighners used pastel colours instead of the traditional brights, and yet somehow it made them pop even more. Ironically, another big trend was black and white. So, the two opposites are now fully functioning at the same time.

 Another theme on the runway was the white cut out dresses. This spring desighners are really likeing geometric styles like stripes and polka dots as well. I think this one was a slightly bigger hit as the cutouts in white are great for showing off tan skin.

 Leather leather everywhere! Leather is officially back in. Whether its a dress, a jacket, pants, or boots, leather is cool, and is being used in many different ways, that seem to be working.

 The last trend i will point out for this spring is sheer fabrics. Along with the peekaboo and cutout dresses, there is a trend for showing more skin strategically and with class. I think this look is very very pretty...plus it has alittle bit of a mysterious feeling to it.

So, when shopping for your look this spring, keep these trends in mind. Then you can pull off a runway look without the runway price.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New Trends....good or bad?

 Trending now is this new look for your nails. It can be done with any colours, all you need is to paint the top and the underside of your nails different colours. Alot of people like the black and red, Louboutin style, that is themed after Christian Louboutin's famous pumps. I personally love this look cause i like having my nails more subtle on the top, and now i can get more fun coulours in without overpowering anything. Although, growing my nails this long is a challenge! So, what do you think? Good or bad? 

 The next new trend is this ring and bracelet combo called the Slave Bracelet. I picked a simple one for this picture, but these come in so many different styles from simple to very complicated. I adore this look despite some nminor hand movement restrictions. I think it makes your hand look delicate. So...Good or Bad?

 The last trend i've discovered is this double necklace look. I can't find what it is called, so that is what i will refer it too. The one pictured is from Aldo. I can't decide if I like this or not. I think it's gives off a droopy feel, but in general, I like very non-flowy clothing styles. So what do you think...good or bad? 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Doesn't every woman love fashion? We all want to look good and to be recognized for what we wear. Fashion can be difficult as styles are always changing and developing. Also, the industry is so desperately sought after by women everywhere that the distributers are able to make good fashion pricey. This blog is an attempt to make fashion affordable for the average budget.

         Today's outfit is built around a navy blue and pink pin striped blazer from Forever XXI for only $23.66. To go underneath, is a light pink bustier top from Garage for $16.90. It helps to bring our the subtle pink in jthe blazer, while not over-powering anything. The pants are a legging type, pull on with double pocket zippers from Suzy Sheir for only $25.00. They add alittle edge and make the outfit hot. To accessorize I found some short brown boots off the clearance rack at Suzy for $16.94. The brown coulor tones down the edgier pant. For hair, we have a light pink headband with a small bow from forever XXI for only $1.80. The ring has a gold anchor on it to accent the slight sailor look from the blazer. To top it all off, we have a matchstick bib necklace from Forever XXI for $11.80 to add alittle falre of class.